Empowering you to tackle hate

It can be difficult to know what action to take, or whether help is needed at all. Remember that there are always safe and simple ways you can challenge hate without stepping out of your comfort zone.


Observe the situation. Don't turn away as it gives the message to the offender that their behaviour is acceptable. Pay attention to details so that you have the best information when you report the incident. Make a note of the description of the offender, where you are, and what time it is.


If you don't feel you're the best person to deal with the situation, call security, staff, or other bystanders for help to intervene.Once you're in a safe space, report directly to the police. Remember, in case of an emergency, always call 999


If possible, speak with the victim. Assure them that what just happened was wrong. Ask if they're OK. Ask if they need any help, or would like you to call someone. Let them know about support services available using this guide.

Indirect interventions:

Safe things you can do from a distance when witnessing hate.
Great approach when you don’t feel confident or you’re in a
public place and don’t know the perpetrator.

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Direct interventions

Things you can do when you feel more confident and it’s safe to do a little extra.
For example when it is in the workplace or you know the perpetrator.

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About Stand by Me

Stand by Me is a project that empowers people to assist victims of bullying, harassment or hate through safe bystander intervention. 

We train people in England, Scotland and Wales to help others so that no one has to suffer from hatred anymore.

Why should
I get involved?

Your actions matter. Studies show that if someone intervenes within 10 seconds, 50% of the time the incident stops or de-escalates. By intervening you also can:

Helping victims of hate.

It’s important to assure them that what happened to them was wrong.

Send messages of no tolerance to perpetrators

This challenges the offender’s belief that they are expressing the views of the majority.

Increase the reporting of hate crime

Every report gives vital data to the authorities and helps to bring about change.

Learn how to
report hate

It’s important to report all instances of hate

whether you think its a crime or not, so that the police
have a clearer understanding of what’s happening.

National Bystanders Awareness Day

On March the 13th we celebrate National Bystanders Awareness day-a day that unites people to take hate and hostility. We want to raise awareness of ways that you can help people who are made victims of hate. 



Listen to the stories of people living in Nottingham

For local reporting and support contacts, please choose the city nearest to your location.