Stand by Me is a project that empowers people to tackle hate and assist victims through safe bystander interventions. We teach people how best to help others so that no one has to suffer from hatred anymore.

Hateful behaviour is a problem in our society. In the last few years we have seen an increase in acts of hate happening in public spaces.

What victims find most hurtful is that people often watch and do nothing. That makes them feel like nobody cares, and they never report what happens to them. Without challenging and reporting incidents to the police, we allow hate to grow stronger and potentially escalate.

We know from our research that most people want to help. But they don’t know how or aren’t sure if the situation is serious enough. Stand by Me empowers everyone to challenge hate whenever they see it.

Stand by Me makes a difference as it provides practical ways of responding to hate. It encourages bystanders and empowers them to act and make their communities safer. It also shows that helping victims can be safe.

We are putting victims first.

Studies suggest that what victim find most hurtful is not the attack itself, but that other people don’t act. It makes them feel like nobody cares and that what’s happening to them is normal. Our Stand by Me intervention model changes that by emphasising the importance of victim support.

Tackles hate at its lowest level 

Builds your confidence to intervene.

Uses memorable frameworks for maximum impact.




We are growing all the time. Join us in making a difference helping the victims of hate.

Diverse applications

We use Stand by Me model to tackle a range of community issues. If you or your community struggle tackling a particular problem, we might be able to tailor our training to your needs.




Stand by Me is a project developed by Communities Inc.

We are a social enterprise passionate about challenging hate crime and inequalities.